AC installation or replacement in Fort Pierce, Saint Lucie, and Vero Beach. Our trained experts are here to certify that you not only understand all the benefits of your new system, but can also rest assured that the air conditioner will be installed correctly. We want you and your family to be happy. There are many steps in a correct air conditioning system installation that we follow here at Artic Air Conditioning and Heating. Unfortunately, most AC companies do not follow these steps because one, they do not care to it takes more time and money to do right. What do I mean exactly, here are the correct steps. One when installing a new AC system you do not know how many collapsed pipes I have seen because the installer does not know own a pipe bender with a collapsed pipe you reduce interior volumen by as much as 50% that produces massive reduction in cooling power. Two, I run nitrogen through my pipes to reduce scale and chemicals that cause plugs and acids to form that eat holes in cores. Three, do they even put a vacuum pump on system when done brazing this is critical for long term operation of system; because if you do not pull a vacuum below 500 microns you leave moisture in line that reacts with refrigerant that again creates acid that eats holes in cores and through windings of compressor. I will show you all these steps to make you comfortable that you received the best possible install humanly that can be done.

                                              Thank you. Jay Lund.

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AC installation or replacement in Saint Lucie, Ft. Pierce, and Vero Beach.